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3 Steps To Build Your Personal Brand Like Steve Jobs!

The biggest differentiator between your business and your competitors’ is YOU. Your unique way of doing things, your unique values in life, your unique experiences in life. Those things can never be copied.

In case you can mix your personality with your business, you are already standing out from the crowd. So enough explanation on why you should be doing the personal branding. Now, let’s dive straight into how you can do it effectively like Steve Jobs did.

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  1. Be Authentic

Without any doubt, you know that Steve Jobs has been the face of the Apple then and now. People could easily connect with his personal philosophies like simplicity and mastery which he later brought into Apple’s products as well.

The challenge for many entrepreneurs is that they fake themselves to be someone else than bringing up their uniqueness.

When Steve Jobs was starting up, he built the culture of wearing casuals inside Apple offices while IBMers were wearing boring suits. He could have followed the crowd to fake themselves as corporates. But he decided to stay true to who he was. That turned out to be the biggest cultural differentiator between Apple and then giant IBM.

Being yourself and finding who you truly are is the first step in personal branding. In case you fake yourself, people can easily sense the same. And they will start associating fakeness as your identity.

So be real!

  1. Own The Platform

Whenever Steve Jobs was on the stage he owned the platform and made the crowd really enjoy the presentation with his jokes, with his philosophical nuggets, and even with quotes of some great men.
Just like Steve did, engaging your target audience with your personal brand is critical. The new stage, the new platform is Social Media. Are you owning it with engaging content?

Be active on social media to connect with your audience.

  1. Deliver

Whatever you say to your people, you must be willing to deliver them with integrity. Steve Jobs spoke about simplicity, about easy-to-use-machines, about combining liberal art + technology + humanities. And he did deliver those ideas through his products – iPhone, iPad, iMac and many.

Same way you have to deliver things every time without exception. That’s how you get the good reputation for your personal brand. Having good reputation is the key to the success of your personal brand.

By the way in case you are wondering how can you deliver products like iPhone, no need, the point is, delivering value to your audience. It can be a blog post to educate or it can be a video series to teach something. Whatever it may be, always make sure you deliver value to your target audience.


You shouldn’t wait till people recognize you as the Steve Jobs of your industry to show your face as the man behind your business. Be the Steve Jobs of your industry now then introduce your business to your target audience. And remember everything happens when you at least – start!

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  1. I love the advice to be authentic, I find it’s so much harder to rep. my brand if I’m putting up a front or pretending that I’m anything other than me! I think I struggle with owning my platform, I enjoy writing, but engaging with readers 1:1 doesn’t feel as natural.

  2. Branding is so important! It’s basically your reputation! What you are known for. It takes a long time to build, and just a moment to destroy. Guard it well 🙂

  3. I’m feeling inspired after reading this. As simple as it sounds, the hardest part for me is finding my voice and what my brand means. It takes a strong understanding of self and being able to be authentic to yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Steve Jobs certainly knew how to build a personal brand! Authenticity is certainly one of the most imperative parts of a brand.

  5. All of these are great tips – Steve Jobs made such a huge difference for Apple, and I believe it wouldn’t have become the company it is without his charisma. And you’re right about the authenticity too – it’s so important to just be who you are, and not only is it better business, it’s so much easier than always being fake and trying not to let your real self out.

  6. This is awesome I was just comparing myself to Steve Jobs yesterday because I totally believe in the whole casual look versus suits every day! This was an awesome article to read because I am forever telling people to brand themselves genuinely so it was good to hear it from somebody else! thank you for sharing

  7. Becoming my own brand has been one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I get major sense of imposter syndrome sometimes.
    Your tips are wonderful and I hope to use them to continue to build my brand

  8. I think it’s awesome to have a brand that stands out and it’s up to you on how to do that. Authenticity is really important when you’re building a brand.

  9. Thank you so much for the advice! I believe in being your own person. True Steve Jobs was a great person and we thank him for that but we all have our own path.

  10. And be a lil crazy if you’re following the Steve Jobs model. Perhaps reign it in before you alienate your friends and family 😉