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6 Simple Ways To Figure Out Whether Someone You Know Is A Real Or A Fake Entrepreneur?

Nowadays people are happy and proud to call themselves as entrepreneurs than ever in the past. People who catch up with their friends in the busy street or in the coffee shops to share random ideas call themselves as an entrepreneur even before executing those ideas. Above all, everywhere from the LinkedIn profile to their blog post, you can read many people referring themselves as an entrepreneur.

Then how can you really figure out that someone is a fake entrepreneur or a real entrepreneur?

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To have a better understanding, one must understand the term, Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneur is someone who does thing out of passion without keeping in mind about the monetary benefit. They know well to design their business by them playing outside. They are aware of the role of business strategies. True entrepreneurs are vision oriented, they are passionate in doing things.


So here are the 6 ways to separate the milk and the water easily:

1. Starts Without A Vision

The real entrepreneurs understand themselves first. Why and what they do for. They always define their ‘Why’ first. They choose themselves to be an entrepreneur for contributing something better to the world without the monetary benefit.

2.  Not Influential

The real entrepreneurs are influencers. They influence others with their passion for contributing better and premium quality products to the society.

3.  No Team

A real entrepreneur knows the importance of a team. They believe in the following Brain Tracy’s quote:

“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.”


According to the blogging website, ‘startupcamp‘  here are the 3 more ways to differentiate the real and the fake ones!

4. Freelance Rockstar

Unlike a real entrepreneur, the goal of a freelancer is to have a steady job with no jobs. They trade their craft for money. The main intention of the freelancer is to work without a boss. They are self-employees.

Entrepreneurs don’t trade their time for dollars. With the freelancer model, you can only make as much money as you have time. It’s a losing structure.


5. Employee At Your Own Company

Fakentrepreneurs are someone who works in the business rather than on their business. They are like a self-employed, they don’t know to build a strategy for their business. They don’t know how to design their business without them been fully involved.

Michael Gerber in his book ‘The E-Myth’ refers to these fakepreneurs as ‘technicians’. Those who are so good at their craft are unable to work for someone else but so weak at the required competencies of growing a company, that they end up reverting to employee-based technician mentality.

Technicians spend almost all their time working in their business instead of working on their business.


6. Employable Under The Right Condition

Fakentrepreneurs look for better job opportunities to jump at the right time. Employment is not an option for your future. People (even if they currently work for themselves) who would even consider a well paid secure job over chasing their dream, are not entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs know you can chase your own dream, or help someone else chase theirs. They always choose the first.

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